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Business Entity Search & Corporation Search

Business Entity Search & Corporation Search

New Hampshire

This free online business name lookup tool will search the Secretary of State’s database of registered business names. New Hampshire law requires that anyone doing business under any name other than his or her own must register that name with the Secretary of State.  The Secretary of State will not register a name that is not distinguishable from a name that is registered.  Business entity registration forms are available at our website at


Please note; this site is for informational purposes only and is not intended for use in determining the availability of a name for business registration purposes.   Determination of the availability of a name will be made by the Secretary of State’s office at the time completed paperwork is filed.
The status reflected for each entity on this website only refers to the status of the entity’s filing requirements with this office. It does not necessarily reflect the disciplinary status of the entity with any state agency. Requests for disciplinary information should be directed to agencies with licensing or other regulatory authority over the entity.

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Search Info: This page allows you to enter in the first few letters or words of a business entity name, and retrieve a list of all business entities beginning with the same letters. For example, entering NOW may return NOW INC., NOWHERE INC., and NOW PUBLICATIONS INC.. Additional search information.

Please Note: The Secretary of State’s office has reviewed its privacy and public information policy and has determined that social security numbers will be redacted from business entity document images prior to making them available on our web site.

Note: The Secretary of State’s Office is a filing repository and does not determine the authority of a filer to make a submission. It is the responsibility of authorized filers to frequently check the status of filings on the Web site to ensure protection against submissions by an unauthorized party. If you determine that a submission was not authorized, it is your responsibility to seek legal action to protect your status.

Liability Statement: While the Iowa Secretary of State’s Office makes all reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy of information contained on this website, it makes no representation or warranty as to the correctness or completeness of the information.


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Business Entity Search


This search provides access to domestic stock, domestic nonprofit and qualified foreign corporations, limited liability company and limited partnership information of record with the California Secretary of State. For additional information about entity addresses and the names and addresses of the principals of the entity, order a copy of the last complete Statement of Information (for corporations and limited liability companies) or formation and amendment documents (for limited partnerships). For information on ordering certificates, copies of documents and/or status reports or to request a more extensive search, refer to Information Requests.

Please note: This search is not intended to serve as a name availability search. For information on checking or reserving a name, refer to Name Availability.

To conduct a search:

  • Select the applicable search type.
  • Enter the entity name or number you wish to search. Note: If entering the entity number of a corporation, the number must begin with the letter C.
  • Select the Search button.
  • For help with searching an entity name or number, refer to Search Tips.



Entity Search

SCC eFile

SCC eFile may be used to search for Virginia and foreign corporations, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, and business trusts. Business entity details available in SCC eFile are: entity name, SCC ID, business entity type, date of formation or registration, status, principal office address (if required) and registered agent/registered office. You may also view an entity’s eFile history, including images of documents that have been filed using SCC eFile.

Clerk’s Information System

The Clerk’s Information System (CIS), an electronic database, also contains general information on file at the Commission for Virginia and foreign corporations, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, and business trusts. CIS provides more in-depth information than what is currently available in SCC eFile. Images of business entity documents are not currently available for electronic or online viewing, except for Corporate Annual Reports and documents filed via SCC eFile.

Internet access to CIS performs optimally with Internet Explorer while in the Compatibility View mode. Compatibility View settings for Internet Explorer can be found under the Tools menu option. Other browsers may produce unpredictable results. Scripting options for your browser must be enabled to use CIS. First-time users are encouraged to review the user documentation.

Name Distinguishability

To receive a preliminary determination of the availability of a business entity name, seeName Distinguishability. The business entity Name Search function in CIS should not be used to determine if a prospective business entity name is distinguishable upon the records of the Commission. For information regarding the criteria for name availability in Virginia, see the Frequently Asked Questions regarding Business Entity Names.

Insurance Companies

CIS may not include certain insurance companies that are licensed in Virginia as reciprocal insurers, such as United Services Automobile Association (USAA). The names of these companies often include the word “reciprocal,” “interinsurer,” “interinsurance,” “exchange,” “underwriters,” or “underwriting.” However, you may be able to obtain information about such companies from the SCC’s Bureau of Insurance Company Lookup feature.